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by Tia Agnew • August 17, 2022

Let us inspire you to live large in any small space!

Learn not only the How but also the Why of small space living.
We bring you the best to help make your place Small and Stylish!
July 24, 2022

Turn it into a treasured place with modern outdoor furniture for small spaces and create the outdoor room you’ve always dreamed of!

March 29, 2022

Kitchen islands for small kitchens are the swiss army knife of small and stylish furniture – They can do so much! Let’s check out some of our favorites.


Tia Agnew

 Founder & Small Space Evangelist

As a serial entrepreneur, Tia Agnew has embraced small space living as a key component in her formula for success. She learned early both the practicality and effusive joy of downsizing your space to astoundingly upsize your life.

Small and Stylish is her think tank, training manual, and love letter to living in small places and the life created when you do. Her purpose is to share with you the wisdom and expertise she's gained from living the "small life".

Her ultimate desire is to inspire you to manifest a truly fantastic life in any small space; to let yourself live large in the here and now.

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